WEF Odor Emission and Control book updated

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) has completed an update to their popular Manual of Practice, “Odor Emissions and Control for Collection Systems and Water Resource Recovery Facilities”, also known as MOP-25.

This publication “offers guidance to help facility managers, operators, design engineers, and other decision-makers understand nuisance odors and install effective odor control programs.”

St. Croix Sensory Lab Directory, Michael McGinley, along with colleague Samantha Henningsen of ALS-Environmental, authored Chapter 2, titled “Odor and Odorous Compound Measurement”.

This chapter includes important updates to the content originally authored by Charles McGinley in 2004. Detailed information provided includes: an overview of odors and odorants, sampling, odor measurement parameters, ambient odor assessments, and sampling and analysis of specific chemical odorants.

“This was an amazing experience to work closely with dozens of experts in wastewater engineering and odor control. While the publication is from the water industry, many topics covered in this book, including odor measurement, regulation, and control provide guidance that is applicable to many other industries.”

~Michael McGinley

Other chapters in the book cover a wide range of topics including source sampling, collection systems, odor control technologies, odor impact assessments, and public outreach.

This 2nd edition manual of practice is certain to be a key resource in the industry for many years.