Olfactory Assaults: Premeditated

Our “Fear Team” is hard at work this week preparing for the worst.  Or, the best, depending on your affinity to horror.

As opening day approaches, the Haunted Basement begins to take shape as artists build out the horrific fantasies which started long ago (as a nightmare, we presume) with a frenzied dedication to detail. The props alone; mutilated mannequins, headless baby dolls, abandoned taxidermy projects, whisper warnings of what is to come when the transformation is complete and the line between reality and imaginary is gloriously blurred.

To be blunt- this is about the time you start to take notice of where the Exit doors are located.

Olfactory art and design is similar in nature, and St. Croix Sensory’s Lab Director, Mike McGinley and Product Manager, Benjamin Lamb, are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

A combination of technical prowess and creative ingenuity, olfactory art and design is multi-dimensional, requiring not only a nose for creative storytelling, but also expertise in air dispersion, application techniques and event choreography. Custom scents are prepared and tested in the event space to confirm participants will experience the intended assault at exactly the right moment.

Like first degree murder, olfactory assaults are pre-calculated, predicting the victim’s timing and response as well securing a place to move the body, ahem…., of air.

We wear gloves.

HB gloves 2
Bloody right, its scary.