A New Way to Measure Diaper Performance

The ASTM E18 Sensory Evaluation Committee has formed a new task group
to initiate work on a new draft test method titled, “Standard Guide for the Evaluation of Disposable Absorbent Hygiene Articles.”

The scope of this new work item states…

“This guide provides guidance in establishing procedures to be used in design and analysis of odor evaluation studies to quantitatively assess product odors and odor control of disposable absorbent hygiene products utilizing training panels.”


Whether it is preventing parents from smelling strong product odors when opening a bag of baby diapers or eliminating malodors so adult incontinent product users can remain discreet, odor control is a hot topic in the hygiene industry. Identifying standard procedures to measure odors in raw materials and finished goods will assist product developers to design better products for consumers.

This method will focus not just on diapers, but all types of incontinence products and other absorbent products such as bed pads, feminine care pads, pet pads, etc.

The new working group will be meeting 4-5PM on October 22, 2019 at ASTM Committee Week to be held at the Marriott Marquis Houston. If you have any questions or if you want to participate in development of this new standardized methodology, please contact the working group chairpersons, Laura Kiely (HB Fuller) or Michael McGinley (St. Croix Sensory).

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Michael McGinley has been a member of ASTM since 2002 and is the Chair of Subcommittee E18.07 Personal Care and Household Products.