We smell your fear

Lucky #13?

Don’t be so certain.

St. Croix Sensory is proud to partner with the creative madness responsible for 13 years of psychological terror lurking inside “The Haunted Basement”.

Unlike your traditional haunted house, the Haunted Basement is a unique theatrical experience -treating its visitors (or perhaps victims) to a complete sensory assault.

Your eyes will beg to close.

Your throat with stifle screams.

Your ears will itch with urgency

And your nose…will long for a blank a canvas.

Enjoying a new, expansive location in Roseville, MN , the Haunted Basement has never had a better, shall we say, playground.

Luckily, St. Croix Sensory does not spook easily. In cooperation with local artists and directors, our innovative olfactory art and design has helped produce a new level of fear, rich with emotional and visceral disfigurement. We quite literally, smell your fear.

Prepare to scream “Uncle”.