Nasal Ranger in the New York Times

The New Year is off to an auspicious start with the Nasal Ranger enjoying a fresh exposé in the New York Times this month.

Written by New York Times reporter, Winston Choi-Schagrin, and published on January 13, 2022, the article titled “Sometimes, Life Stinks. So He Invented the Nasal Ranger” is the origin story of the Nasal Ranger and so much more.

The history of how humans interact with odor is one riddled with subjectivity, making it particularly difficult for decision makers to address nuisance odor issues. The Nasal Ranger, a portable field olfactometer engineered to provide ambient odor dilution ratios, provides a quantifiable measurement of odor, essentially removing the guess work out of an already smelly situation.

“If somebody said, ‘I have an odor problem, where should I go?’ That would be Chuck and Mike McGinley”

-Jacek Koziel, Engineer at Iowa State University

For over twenty years, the Nasal Ranger has been successfully measuring odors around the world and enabling communities to make decisions based on scientific data rather than subjective observations. Used in a variety of industries, from regulation enforcement to proactive odor monitoring, the effect of collecting objective odor data is the same: accountable neighbors.